Winter break

Howdy Archers!!!

Just a reminder that tonight is the last session of 2019.

We break for the winter tonight.

Here’s what we get up to:

Dave is obviously very busy over the Christmas season so he needs extra time to dig out his big red suit.

George gets wheeled away into suspended hibernation for a recharge.

Paul sits back and let’s his hair down for a well deserved rest.

Machiek goes wild with 3d photography and gets ready for a huge display at the AGM.

Heather spends time polishing all the gold medals she has won this year.

Eleanor comes up with some fantastic project involving reclaimed wood, sticky back plastic and empty milk cartons.

Andy relaxes his frenzied and energetic demeanor and mellows out.

Kath goes into overdrive planning out the AGM in perfect detail that Dave and george will forget 5 minutes before it starts.

David invests in more archery equipment until he has to use a van to transport his bow.

Jude fights the urge to gold plate a bow.

Becky goes on a two week wilderness survival hunt involving a bucket of soapy frogs, a parachute and a tin of alphabeti spaghetti.

Remember it is our AGM when we come back in January, where we will be voting in the positions of chair, secretary, treasurer and child safety officer.

There is room for more people to join the committee – social media coordinator, bookings coordinator, more coaches (let us know if you would like us to put you through your coaching exam), to name just some!

Merry Christmas all!