Month: August 2018

Archery returns! Autumn term 2018

Hello All the Members!
We hope you had a fantastic and eventful summer! Maybe some opportunities to shoot for some of you- pictures welcome!

We are nearly ready to restart the Leith Community archers at Leith Academy:
All members are welcome to start on the 6th of September:
6.30-7.05 1st family session
7.10- 7.40 2nd family session
7.45-9pm adults.

We’re looking at a new online booking system for family sessions as these have been particularly busy and we need to stick to a safe number of archers for each session. In the meantime, if you are coming along to sessions, please let us know you are coming via email, facebook or sign up for the next week when you’re next along.

*Important information*
The sessions are open to the members only. We are not taking any new people at the moment- if you are interested to join the club your name can be placed on the waiting list with a chance to come to the tester sessions which will be introduced again, later in the year.


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