Broken Arrowm- picture credit -Scott-Einsmann

Maintenance and safety – equipment

Report damaged equipment to the person responsible for equipment maintenance
and they will log the damage and ensure it is removed from use.


  • Limbs that are twisted or damaged
  • Arrow rest worn or missing
  • Worn limb tips
  • Cracked or delaminated limbs.
  • Loose arrow rest.

Bow strings

  • Frayed strands.
  • Loose or frayed centre serving and nock loops.
  • Nocking point positioned incorrectly (eg the gap is too large)
  • Incorrect length.


  • Fletches missing, broken or loose
  • Damaged points and nocks.
  • Missing points and nocks.
  • Shafts that are bent or damaged (for example splits, cracks, holes).


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