Technique – Archery stance and foundation


In order to shoot consistent and accurately placed arrows you must maintain proper alignment throughout the shot execution. Alignment of the body and the mass weight of the equipment will assure a shooting platform that is solid and stable.

Foot and leg position along with hip, shoulder and head alignment and lowering your center of gravity are just part of creating a solid foundation. If you cannot master this basic principle technique you remain unstable, be less consistent and your accuracy will suffer.

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Dont lean forwards

Dont lean backwards

Back straight


Weight evenly distributed

Legs relaxed, not bent

Feet shoulder-width apart

foundation technique archery

Why should I start with a square stance?

The square stance is actually the best way to start off in archery because it is very easy to learn and simple enough to consistently reproduce.

This technique facilitates good biomechanical alignment by placing the hips and shoulders "in line" with your direction of aim or perpendicular to the target face.

The "open stance" is much more difficult to perfect and if it is not properly executed you will experience misalignment of the hips and shoulders and uneven weight distributions that make you unstable.

technique stand 3


First Stance

Mediuw String clearance

unstable in wind

used by all skill levels

technique stand 2


Shortest draw

Good arm string clearance

Stable in wind

Engages back muscles

open stance


Longest draw

Law arm string clearance

Can overdraw

Can cause lean back

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