AGM 28.01.2020

Dear All


Please find below the minutes and details of office bearers for Leith community archers session beginning 28.01.2020

Leith Community Archers
Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 28 th January 2020
In Attendance:
Dave H, Jude, Louis, Luke, Dean, Heather, Maciek, Nikoleta, Stuart, Ryan, Keith, Kath, Dave B, Ross, Eleanor
1. Chairperson Report – Dave B
2. Treasurer Report – George
3. Election of committee members for 2020/21 season.
4. AOB

1. Chairperson Report Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and for their continued support with the running of the club, over the past year. This year LCA have successfully managed to:
– Attach the wall rings which support the net. This increases the shooting distance in the hall to 18m.
– Become members of Archery GB. This allows members to progress with the sport and enter competitions, if they wish to do so. This can be as a solo competitor or, as part of an LCA team. There is a small fee for adults but membership is free for children.
– Secure more grants for the club. Attendees thanked George for his continued success with fundraising applications.
The Chairperson encouraged members to continue to support the running of the club but particularly in relation to equipment set up and, take down of equipment. Members were asked to consider volunteering for additional training in equipment maintenance. Members should express their interest to Eleanor, Jude or Dave B who can provide tuition.

2. Treasurer Report Treasurer reports that the club has been progressing well in recent years. LCA is now registered for Gift Aid with HMRC. This adds an extra 20% on to any donations we receive. This additional money will cover the majority of the hall fees, going forward. Attendees were provided with club membership forms and gift aid forms (also available on website).
A general overview of the last financial year was provided. The club has, for the second year in a row, made a profit (this year £1363.44). The club currently has over 12k in the bank account but we are holding 4k of this on behalf of, The Socks on The Street Project.
The treasurer was asked to provide more information on the expenditure figure and broke it down as follows: Rental £1633, Insurance £270, Coach Training and Renewals £1300, website development £157, competition prizes £20.
A question was raised about rental costs and treasurer reports that Edinburgh Leisure have committed to maintain the current rental fees. However, this will always be subject to change.
There was a general discussion about membership fees (for LCA and Archery GB) and the constitution of the club. The chair and treasurer reiterated that the club wants to remain accessible for all, and so, arrangements can be made for those on lower incomes.
Treasurer confirmed that LCA could continue to operate for 3 more years if no additional income was secured.
A full set of the accounts can be viewed on the website, along with last year’s for comparison.

3. Election of Committee Members for 20/21 season.
The people listed were proposed and seconded in the following roles:

Chairperson (Trustee): Eleanor Happs
Vice Chair : Kath Fyvie
Treasurer (Trustee): George Fyvie
Secretary (Trustee) : Position not filled.
Bookings Officers : Dean Rougvie & Nikoleta Georgakopoulou
Social Media Officer : Ryan Harrison

Website officer : Keith Murray
Equipment Officer : Dave Holm & Maciek Samulski
Welfare Officer : Luke Griffiths

There was a brief discussion about splitting the role of fundraiser and treasurer again but no decision was made. Every member is encouraged to participate with fundraising for the club.

4. AOB a. Attendees were asked to consider volunteering for coaching training. Individuals should give their name to Eleanor if they would like a place on the course. This is a 2 day accredited course, run over the course of a weekend (likely spring time). Course fees will be paid for by LCA with the expectation that qualified coaches will volunteer to assist with club shooting sessions.
b. General discussion about membership and what the breakdown was in relation to the number of children and adults attending. Although, a record of attendance is kept, this has not been collated into statistical info. An estimate of children 40% and 60% was provided with general agreement that the number of children attending appears to have decreased. This was, in part, attributed to the long waiting list which was put into operation when the club reached its ‘safe shooting’ capacity (8 targets with 2 shooters/target).
c. It is hoped that the appointment of a dedicated bookings officer will address the ongoing issues with waiting lists/capacity etc. A few suggestions were put forward (additional evening shoot, separate child/adult shoots, online booking system) but the chairperson reminded people of the implications that this had on volunteer time/limiting accessibility etc. Members were encouraged to explore and move forward with alternative options to manage club membership numbers more effectively.

d. Suggestion that we would explore another outdoor shooting session in the summer for all members – With support, Dave B will organise this
e. It was recommended that coaches are trained in mental health awareness in order that they are more fully equipped to identify and manage a range of mental health conditions. St John’s Ambulance have a Training Centre at Dock Place in Leith. First Aid for Mental Health certificate. Welfare Officer to explore further.
f. Suggestion that the coaches get together for a refresher course so that consistency in practice is upheld. All registered coaches and regular assistants to arrange and attend.