Dear All

Membership details are as follows:

We run from Jan – December and our membership is £12 per year.

This entitles you to voting rights in the club and club affiliation for the purposes of  joining Archery GB.  (Archery GB membership is seperate).

If you join partway through the year the amount is reduced by the month.

EG if you join in January it is £12.

If you join in June it is £6.

If you join in December it is £1.

Membership is free to under 16’s or as part of our hardship strategy. (please see a member of the committee).

Membership can be paid at the session or if you log in and make a payment here: using the donate now button.

(please leave a note on the donate now section with who you are, what the date is and that it is for membership as we are also accepting donations there and assisting a local  external project.)