Archery terms

Below is a list of Archery terms that will educate, fascinate and allow you to wow your friends with your newly gained knowledge of Archery terms and facts! You know they will thank you for it...perhaps.

Ever wanted to know what Want to know where the nock is? Discover where the name Fletcher came from? Are you an Ambi-Ocular archer? Do you want to know where the belly or the face of the bow is? Do you want to know what a Bowyer does? Why should you never dry-fire a bow? Should you be afraid of a Field Captain? Can you put your limbs on the riser the right way?  Have you ever had to Let Down a bow? Do you know where the nock point is?

Below is an A to Z of Archery terms.  Some will become familiar to you, and some you will never need or hear uttered by Leith Community Archers instructors or volunteers.  Archery is an ancient activity, and the origin of some surnames, words, and phrases we use today have originated from archery terms.

Fletcher was the name of the person who used to put flights on the arrows and Bowman was more simply an Archer.  Today Fletcher has become a common surname as has Bowman (Archer), similar to Smith (Blacksmith), Fisher (fisherman), and Cooper (barrel maker). For more information, you could visit the Wikipedia page on Archery.  There you will find lots of interesting facts about Archery.

Why not add another string to your bow, or add another arrow to the quiver and read on?

Archery terms

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A term used to describe all archery equipment
Tackle Line
A line that is behind the shooting line, this is where all equipment should remain that is not being used during shooting.
Take-down Bow
This is the name given to a bow that can be taken apart, these are popular as they are easier for travel and storage. These bows use screws/bolts to unscrew the limbs from the riser, another advantage is that it allows you to keep the same riser but upgrade/replace the limbs.
A term used for where you intend your arrow to hit.
Target Archery
One of the most common types of archery. The idea is to shoot a non moving target that has been placed at different distances, the target is more than often a bulls-eye.
Target Captain
This is the person who takes score and determines the value of each arrow. On some occasions it is also the captain's duty to remove the arrows from the target.
Target Face
The paper target that is placed to the butt, this will usually be different sized and coloured circles each representing a differents coring zone.
Target Shooting
The term for competitive target archery, the event is designed to test the archers skill levels at aiming and scoring as high as possible.
Thumb Ring
More common in Asian archery, this item is used to protect the archers thumb.
Someone who is devoted to Archery
Traditional Archery
This term has two meanings, it describes a form of archery where the bow that is used has no modern stabilisers but also those that use a traditional bow, I.E a longbow.
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